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Thamarai Healing-Center

Infos vom Oktober 2011


The Thamarai healing center is a social project that provides free services to the villagers of Edyan Chavady.

We offer treatments and health checkups, we also provide basic education about hygiene, food, waste management and other important issues to local school children.

The treatments include: herbal teas, herbal massages, first aid, acupuncture ( twice a week), homeopathy, bach flowers, energy healing techniques and many more depending on volunteers.

My work up to date was to help with the teaching of the classes, to observe and learn from my more experienced colleagues, to translate some books from German into English and to try to find a better way to organize and tend to the herbal garden.

Each week i get the chance to participate in a workshop about healing plants, how they are grown and used. This is quite fascinating and i am learning a lot which i can then in turn give back to the people around me.

All in all it is a very interesting project that makes me realize how much i still need to learn to be able to healm my self and others.

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