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März, 2014

  1. Training in Kodaikanal

    März 4, 2014 by Dominik Blase

    One example of the newest experience at my project:
    From the 23th to the 31st of February I went with my project »EcoPro« to an »Organic Agriculture Training« in the Westghats near Kodaikanal.
    I supported them by photographing the week and other daily upcoming help which was needed.
    We stayed directly in the nature and we learned a lot about organic farming, herbal gardening or how to make an organic compost.
    The nice photos I took will help Dr. Lucas, the founder of my project, in the future to show how intense this training was. The photos will also support in advertising the future seminars of the BDAI (Biodynamic Association of India).

    BDAI Homepage

    PS: Oh yeah – it was really cold up there!